About Us

Do ILP volunteers directly train children, youth and adults on your projects?

ILP partners with and funds organizations that implement the literacy programs. ILP-USA primarily focuses on spreading awareness of the cause, raising and disbursing funds to our partner non-profit organizations in India. Volunteers in India help us identify and monitor projects. In some cases, ILP may work directly with the children. Example is our Prathibha Mitra program started in 2005, through which volunteers in India conduct weekly study sessions and mentor high school students and young adults to help them achieve their full potential.


How does ILP ensure that disbursed funds are properly utilized?

We select projects carefully through our Participatory Evaluation Process (PEP). We monitor projects in a consistent and ongoing manner. Monitoring to specific metrics is a critical reason for our project successes and is our core strength. The ILP India team, comprising of staff and volunteers with over 15 years of experience working at the grass roots level, plays a key part in this process. We also consult with outside experts whenever needed.

What is ILP and what are its goals?

ILP is a registered nonprofit organization of enthusiastic volunteers passionate and dedicated to make India 100% literate. ILP’s vision is to be a catalyst in making India 100% literate.

ILP’s goals are to:

a) Spread awareness about literacy and its importance

b) Identify and partner with organizations in India working for the cause of literacy

c) Raise funds to support these organizations in their literacy-related projects.

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